Product Introduction

Research and experimental devices

We support scientific instruments, research and experimentation essential devices used for various purposes, such as desiccators and bottle containers.

Safety protection products

Safety protection products to protect workers from the risks associated with a variety of different industrial and household tasks. We cover a broad field including protectors such as gloves, sanitary goods, and markings.

Sign Sticker / Disaster Protection Products

Disaster Protection Products

Industrial rubber and plastic products

Industrial rubber and plastic products imperative for industry, including tubes and hoses made mainly of rubber and resin. Special sizes, as well as materials and shapes in accordance with the applications, are available in addition to various standard products.

Tube / Hose Products

Adhesive / Lubrication / Sealing / Gasket / Tape Products

Anti-vibration Rubber / Grommet / Sheet / Mat / Film / O-ring / Belt Products

Container / Tank Products

Industrial equipment related products

Equipment including measurement instruments, tools, and carriers. In addition, we prepare industrial equipment related products for application in the fields of storage, organizing, and facilities.

Pump / Compressor Products

Precise Inspection Products

Measuring Device Products

Tool / Abrasive Products

Transportation / Storage / Arrangement / Facility Products