Company Introduction

Company Information

Company Name KOKUGO Co.,Ltd,
株式会社 コクゴ
President and CEO Akinori Minami
Business Portfolio 1) Design, manufacture and sales of custom-order products and
2) sales of general standard rubber, plastic and associated metal products for medical, physical and chemical researches, and manufacturing, electronic, food and energy industries
Foundation September 1945
Capital ¥20,000,000.0
Employee 135 (Full-time: 95, Temporary: 40)
Main Banks Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Nihonbashi Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Kanda Eki-mae Branch
Minato Bank, Tokyo Office
Memberships Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation
Tokyo Scientific Instrument Association
Osaka Scientific Instrument Association
Tokai Scientific Instrument Association
Tohoku Scientific Instrument Association
Tokyo Medical Instrument Association
TGS (Tobu industrial rubber product sales association)
Award Science and Technology Agency Remarkable Invention Award
Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute Safety Cooperation Society Award
Hitachi Ltd. VA (Value Analysis) Special Award
Other many awards from customers
Patents Patent of Invention No. 1370941 (glove change system) and many others
Licenses Medical Instrument Manufacturing License No. 13BZ006030
2nd Class Medical Instrument Manufacturing and Sales License No. 13B3X00177
Veterinary Instrument and Apparatus Manufacturing License No.: 21 (Medical Manufacturing) No.253
3rd Class Veterinary Instrument and Apparatus Manufacturing and Sales License No.: 21 (Medical Manufacturing and Sales) III No.74
Poisonous Substances or Deleterious Substances General Distribution Business License No. 3101060074
Specially Controlled Medical Devices Selling and Lease Business License No. 4501011200045

Origin of Company Name

Origin of Company Name

The name "KOKUGO" came from the name of the founder of the company, Mamoru Kunii. After World War II, he established a firm "KOKUGO Shokai" in Tokyo's Kanda Tomiyama-cho area in attempt to sell rubber products for medical, physical and chemical research fields. "KOKUGO Shokai" was found in 1947. In 1978, the name changed to "KOKUGO Co., Ltd." as it is today.

Origin of Company Logo

R = Rubber 
C = Company

This logo is still being used as an emblem of company handling rubber products for medical, physical and chemical researches.